Having regular brake servicing and maintenance

You can prevent many simple as well as not-so-simple problems by having regular servicing and preventative maintenance done on your tractor-trailer.

Yes, regular maintenance will keep your brakes from grabbing, the engine from humming, and the undercarriage free from dirt.

Here are some preventative things you can do to avert major repairs:

Create a Plan To Check Brake Wear and Failure:

Brake failure arguably is the biggest cause of accidents involving semi-trucks.

Thus, it’s crucial to have a professional truck technician service your truck brakes regularly to avoid catastrophic results that often lead to damages and third-party lawsuits.

How long a rig can roam between brake servicing depends on the driver’s driving habits. And no matter how good of a driver you’re, always have your brakes inspected and the fluid changed every once in a while.

Also, have the brake pads, bushings, pins, and springs changed regularly as they wear quickly. For the drums, your experts should replace them at the same time with shoes since they develop heat cracks and also wear down.

And don’t forget to ask your service provider to grease the “S” cams, slack adjusters, and check the brake air horses as well as brake linings.

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